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How Dogs Reduce the Level of Stress of Americans That are Working

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 Americans are struggling with stress. Having a mindful meditation and taking too much caffeine is what many individuals do to curb the stress that they have. However, in the recent times, a huge number of the population are now having a conversation on how dogs are a stress reliever. Explained below are the numerous ways in which dogs acts as stress relievers for many individuals.

Primarily, dogs have the ability to make an individual believe more in themselves. Studies that have been takes show that individuals that own dogs are able to confidently list their goals more than those who do not own one. On top of one having much confidence, the dog owner also has an increased self-esteem. The presence of a dog also ensures that the blood pressure of an individual significantly goes down. When one has stress, then the body releases hormones that will be the cause in the increase in the blood pressure. However, by one just staring at a dog or petting it, then they feel relaxed, in turn the blood pressure significantly drops. Dogs are best known for increasing the heart health of an individual. Dogs also foster relationships between several dog owners. Shop DSquared2 is a guarantee for an individual getting fashionable things.

An individual is also assured of participating in a workout activity when they have a dog. Because of the full-time jobs that American have, most of them do not have the time to do exercises. A notable fact about not exercising is that it causes more stress to an individual. An individual is bound to working out if they have a dog because the dog also needs to exercise. Humans are considered to be social animals and thus cannot survive on their own. 79% of Americans say that they are suffering from loneliness. By there being a dog, then one is sure that they will not be lonely. Consequently, when with a dog an individual is able to live in the present given that they don’t have to worry about the future whatsoever. There is also an assurance that one will not have to live in the past either.

Finally, petting a dog is also known to be a way in which one can reduce their stress. An important aspect to note is that humans also need a sense of tough. It is a fact that laughter is also triggered by dogs. When one visits a doctor and is under stress, it is always advised to him or her to make an attempt of watching dog videos on YouTube.

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