In the complete design of tailor-made kitchens, we will be together with you to think of everything you need, without what you would not be. One of many things are the electrical outlets that need to be solved before the design itself. You need to think about where you need the drawer and where you want to install it. Drawers are installed on the back plate of the kitchen or cladding, it is up to you whether you choose the back plate from the lamination or from the tiles or the same worktop. The drawers need to be well thought out and let them cut into the back plate. A modern solution is a flip-off drawer that can be put into the worktop.
We will design and advise
The proposal is free of charge with us and advisory services also. Therefore, if you do not know any advice, we are here for you. We have already had a lot of realizations, so even yours will be a breeze for us.