Are you sure that your employees know how they are performing and whether you are satisfied with them as a superior? Everyone needs to know how he's doing in the company and if he does everything he does. Such information is one of the motivation options. Therefore it is important to say things on a plane and have fun about a specific matter. The same applies to annual feedback, where there will be a summary of performances and completed or unfulfilled objectives between the four eyes. It is important to prepare professionally for such feedback.
What are the goals and outcomes?
It is the evaluation of the workers that will explain to each side what needs to be done and what has been accomplished. Each year, the companies set new goals and try to improve the previous ones. Even criticism or dissatisfaction is to be served professionally and more motivationally than to give your employee a testimony after such feedback. Every word you say should help the employee rather than harm them. Communication between the team and the management is very important for effective solution of the goals. The final results depend on this.