A Simple Guide to Diabetic Management

According to the World Health Organization there are 463 million people with diabetes worldwide, they project that by 2045 this number will increase significantly and it will reach 700 million people. Statistics from World Health Organization indicate that the prevalence rate of diabetes increasing globally, in 1980 they prevalence was 4.7% but in 2019 the prevalence of diabetes was at 8.5% what is even worrying is the fatalities arising from diabetes, in 2016, 1.6 million people died because of diabetes while other 2.2 million died because of diabetic-related complications this has made diabetes to be among the top killer in noncommunicable diseases. It is frustrating that we are losing so many lives that could be saved simply by changing our lifestyle, knowing that to larger extent diabetes is a result of poor lifestyles such as lack of physical activities, excessive drinking, poor choice of diet, and other poor life choices. The burden caused by diabetes to the individual, family, or friends can also be overwhelming this is because diabetes can lead to stroke, blindness, lower-limb amputations, and other things that can leave the individual dependent on others for a living. Managing diabetes is not easy especially for the first few weeks or months, however, with good help and assistance one can continue living a good life to help you with managing diabetes the article has collected some ideas you can use in managing diabetes or a diabetic patient.

The news that one is diabetic can be shocking, to say the least, some people will resist the truth others will be confused and start questioning their life, it can leave someone in a tight spot, therefore provide emotion support to your loved ones, friends or your colleague who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Listen to the diabetic persons because they may be wanting to talk about plans on changing their lifestyle, talk to them let them realize diabetes is manageable and they can live a full life as long as they adhere to recommended change by a doctor.

Another thing you need to recognize a lot of lifestyle changes will be needed, from food to physical activities, it is, therefore, important to help your loved ones who have been diagnosed with diabetes make the proper changes, assist them in selecting the appropriate diet, assist them when making exercise plans and it is even important to participate with them in these exercises it means a lot to them, also important is to help them with activities that will help them manage stress because diabetes can be stressful, such exercises include yoga, deep breathing, and meditations.

It is important to know and recognize the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar of a diabetic person which results in form eating less or taking excess insulin, such signs include dizziness, insomnia, mood change, confusion, hunger, seizures so that you correct this by giving them a snack or a juice. Those are some ideas we thought can help you take care of a diabetic person.